Coming from a background similar to the students he hopes to influence, Lou draws from the experiences of his own difficult childhood to empower young people to see themselves positively and build their self-esteem. By teaching them how to make the right decisions, avoid potentially dangerous situations, embracing their strengths, students learn how to identify their greatness within, achieve college readiness and excel both in the classroom and beyond.

Program Impact

Student Program
• Students leave with increased self-esteem and feel empowered to achieve academic success.
• Students are challenged to reach their potential both in and outside of the classroom.
• Lou challenges each student to be purposeful with their choices and to overcome obstacles.
Parent Program
• Being raised in a single parent home, Lou is proof that strong parenting is essential in the success of a child regardless demographic factors.
• Lou effectively communicates with parents from diverse backgrounds.
Staff Program
• Lou inspires teachers on the lasting impact they can have, encouraging them to improve connections with struggling students.
• His program promotes team building — increasing morale and lowering teacher burnout.
• Lou’s staff development is high energy and interactive, strengthening the framework for an improved staff community.
• He demonstrates concepts for connecting with students of diverse backgrounds and helping educators break cultural barriers.
• Teachers learn tips and techniques for creating an atmosphere of success in the classroom, both socially and academically.


Lou has an amazing gift connecting with sports teams, trainers and coaches in a very personal way. His inspirational talks ignite passion and drive within the minds of athletes, while focusing on the power of the TEAM.


You helped me believe in myself again. All the pain I have been going through is no longer in sight. I will never be the same after this. I know everything will change. Everyone that I used to hang out with that was being a bad influence to me they will be gone. I will always be different from now on. And from now on I’m going harder and harder after my dreams.
Asli W., (Student)

Your message made me open my eyes to new talents that I didn’t think I would ever be good enough to do. I now feel lighter than a cloud and those struggles that I had have been lifted away. Thanks to you those things that I thought were holding me back no longer exist.

Janell. B, (Student)