Husband, Proud Father & Motivational Speaker


Lou’s infectious smile and enthusiasm leap out at audiences through every word he speaks. Widely recognized as a leader on youth, young adults and academic success, Lou has motivated and inspired audiences of all ages for nearly two decades with his humorous stories, captivating life experiences and relatable personality. His mission is to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest and maximize their potential.

By sharing his own personal trials and triumphs, not just academically but also personally and socially, Lou easily relates to students regardless of their demographic or cultural background.


Growing up in inner-city Detroit, academics never came easy to Lou. In fact, until the age of 14 Lou had a gut-wrenching secret that he desperately tried to keep hidden from most of his classmates—he was illiterate. Despite numerous tutors, reading was a challenge and he soon learned that failing grades and the shame and humiliation that came with it was a way of life. To cope with his issue of illiteracy Lou became the quiet one to stay unnoticed and even dabbling in drugs was his way to cope with the pressure of constantly falling behind and feeling inferior to others. It wasn’t until 7th grade and the determined persistence of his mother’s tireless search for the right tutoring program, that Lou connected with a community charity program and learned to read. And that’s when life dramatically turned around. A passion for excelling was ignited within him and Lou fell in love with learning. As a young teen, Lou determined to ‘reinvent’ himself going from fearful and failing to succeeding and soaring. By the time Lou graduated high school, he had became an award winning honor roll student, served in numerous student leadership positions and even won the Spirit of Detroit Award—an award given by city council recognizing an individual with outstanding achievement and citizenship.


With a genuine delivery and candid insight into teen culture, Lou speaks about these life experiences in a way that captivates students, especially those at-risk. He teaches those that are struggling that their struggles do not have to define them and provides strategies for overcoming obstacles in the classroom and beyond. Students are empowered to discover and maximize their potential to become the champions they were meant to be. Book Lou Jones to come speak at your next event.

Lou and his wife, Ruth, currently live in Dallas, TX with their baby boy Aiden.